My wife and I have traveled to many destinations in the world over the years. This April we had the opportunity to go to Apakabar Villas in Amed, Bali. In one visit, this has become one of our top two destinations in the World to visit. The friendliness of the people and the beautiful surroundings are just amazing. It is a wonderfully peaceful place that takes you back in time. The Villas are a perfect blend of rustic comfort that represent the true feel of the island and are well maintained. The staff goes out of their way to make sure your needs were always taken care of and create a sense of ‘family’ throughout your stay.

We quickly befriended some of the local fisherman that keep their boats on the beach in front of the Villas. They generously took us fishing,snorkeling and sailing Balinese style. We visited homes and met their families and got a better understanding of their daily lives.

We were also able to enjoy the surrounding country side, hiking in the hills and visiting local markets and various temples. Time stood still during our time on Bali. All of the people we met so impressed us that we decided to bring our children back so they would have a chance to experience Bali and the people too. We have already booked the Villas for April 2013!

I would highly recommend staying at Apakabar Villas and slow life down for awhile. “ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL”