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Travel Packages to Italy & Bali for Non-Profit Fundraising

We are Rob Friedman and Stacey Mattraw, owners of Sojourn Ventures. We offer Italy and Bali vacation packages to non-profit organizations to aid their fundraising efforts. We also help individuals and groups create vacations of a lifetime in these locales. Learn more..

For Non-Profits:

  • Proven revenue-generating vacation packages in Italy and Bali that bring excitement to your fundraising efforts and add dollars to your bottom line
  • Risk-free opportunities with no upfront costs
  • Free concierge service for your organization and your clients. Pre-event promotional/marketing materials provided along with complete post-event support for your buyers
  • Two-year expiration on all packages provides distinct advantage over the traditional one-year expiration date for auction items
  • Unlimited sales potential as you can sell to as many bidders as you’d like, including post event sales to friends, family and those who didn’t even attend your event
  • Trips sold exclusive of airfare which affords a lower selling price point and more buyer options for creating their own travel itinerary

Please contact us for questions and information to offer our Bali and Italy packages at your fundraising events: