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About Cortona

Cortona is the jewel of medieval Tuscan hill towns. Ideally situated two hours north of Rome and 90 minutes south of Florence, Cortona is well known from the best-selling book and movie, “Under the Tuscan Sun.”

The road up to Cortona winds through olive groves, vineyards, and farmhouses and arrives at the entrance of the town’s ancient walls. The view of the valley below is one of the most spectacular in all of Italy, stretching out to Lake Trasimeno, Montepulciano and beyond.

Along with museums, churches and other historical sights, Cortona offers a wealth of good restaurants, cafes, shops and entertainment. The town has retained its local, historical character without selling out to trinket and souvenir shops that dominate so many other Italian towns.

*NOTE: Cortona is an ancient, walled hill town with many stairs, steep streets and limited driving/parking with no elevators or handicap accommodations. Please be advised of this if you have mobility issues of any sort.

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