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We love Winter in Italy!

People typically travel to Italy between April and October — which is fantastic, of course! But Italy is absolutely incredible year round, even when the temperatures are cool to cold. In fact, being in Italy in winter has many advantages:

A “local” feel with few crowds

Italy’s cities are magical in wintertime with a completely different atmosphere and very few crowds or lines to major attractions. The local feel is unbeatable. We have walked around the Duomo Cathedral in Florence late at night in January with only a few other people there — it was spectacular, and unheard of in April.

Coastal areas such as Cinque Terre and the Amalfi Coast are fabulous in the off-season for the same reasons — few tourists and the local life waiting to be experienced and savored.

Italy is a bit crowded during the holidays, but nothing like summertime. The whole month of December is enchanting with lights, nativity scenes and candles everywhere you go. A magnificent experience!


Prices for most hotel accommodations in Italy are also discounted during the winter months (except from Christmas to New Years). Also, Italians tend to be more accommodating when they are not catering to the crowds and there is more opportunity to experience an authentic Italy.


Weather can be hit or miss during winter months, but we have experienced cold rain in June and warm, balmy January days. Weather is unpredictable anywhere these days! If you can be flexible and prepared, rainy days can be used to get to know a side of Italy that you might have otherwise missed.

Ah, the food

The food can actually be better in the winter months. Again, without catering to crowds, more attention is usually paid to the cuisine. We experience this phenomenon year after year.

Some favorite articles and sites on traveling to Italy in the wintertime are below. Let us know if you’d like advice on traveling to Italy in the winter. We are happy to help guide you in this adventure!

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