Lyn S. Granger

I have been co-chairing the charity auctions for the San Diego Alzheimer’s Association for six years. I understand the challenge to provide to attendees unique items to purchase that also net a nice profit for the organization. Two years ago, our committee began including villas in Italy and Bali that are managed through Sojourn Ventures Properties. They have proven to be an excellent product that meets both of our goals. Bidding is energetic and people are excited by the notion of traveling to a luxury accommodation the country of their dreams.

During the two years, our organization sold a total of fifteen weeks. Approximately half went to Bali, half to Italy. My co-chair and her extended family had an amazing reunion in Cortona, Italy and plan to head to Bali in 2012. My husband and I, along with three other couples spent a week last April at Villa Paradiso located in Amed, Bali. The property is beautiful, very luxurious and spacious. This experience was like none we had ever previously enjoyed. The staff kept the fridge stocked with cold beer and made sure every crazy wish we could come up with came true. We asked to be dropped at the beginning of a hike and picked up a different location. Response, “We can do that.” We wanted a feast for ten on our back patio.

We were ridiculously spoiled by week’s end and plotting how to return.

On a more practical topic, we found Stacy and Rob to be very easy to work with. They respond in a timely and informative manner. Our organization put no money up front. We were expected to meet their reserve prices only after our event was concluded. They allow two years to use the prize, rather than the customary one year. All of this just took the worry out of including these items in our auctions. I recommend them and Sojourn Ventures Properties without hesitation