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Bali – Frequently Asked Questions

Bali is an island within the country of Indonesia with a predominantly Hindu culture. It lies approximately 8 degrees south of the equator below Thailand, and has a land area is 5,632 15 (3500 mi).

There are no non-stop flights to Bali from the U.S. Flights stop in various Asian cities with connections to Bali. Travel time is approximately 24 hours from the west coast of the U.S. We ask that you refrain from booking flights that arrive on Bali late at night.

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Or use an online travel service such as Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia, etc.

Everyone needs a 30-day tourist visa upon entering Indonesia. This is obtained after you deplane on Bali, and prior to picking up your bags. The cost is $30 U.S. per person — cash or credit (visa only)

Important: You must have a valid passport that does not expire within 6 months of your departure from Bali back to the U.S. You will not be allowed to stay in Bali if your passport is due to expire within 6 months.

We will have a driver waiting for you outside the terminal, holding a sign with your name on it. The drive to the hotel is 2.5 hours.

All of our accommodations are air conditioned with very comfortable beds and marble baths. Hair dryers are also provided. For a full list of amenities for each property, visit these pages:

Wi-fi is provided in all public spaces and most rooms. The wi-fi is good, but not as fast as you may be used to. Also, during rains it often slow or is not working.
There is cell phone reception in our area, but we strongly suggest you check with your service provider at home about roaming charges, as fees can be exorbitant. We suggest you use Skype on your laptop to call home.

Bali is on the 220-volt system, with different plugs than the U.S. You will need a 2-prong European plug adapter or voltage converter , depending on the item.

Plug adapters simply change the formation of the plug and can fit into Indonesian wall sockets. The plug adapter does not change the electrical voltage; it only changes the plug. hargers for laptopssiPodss

We strongly suggest you bring a surge protector to safeguard your computers. Power outages are common in Bali.

The Hindu culture on Bali is very much intact and permeates the entire island. The people are very open and friendly, always smiling and helpful. Be respectful of them and they will welcome you with open arms.
Bali receives over 4 million visitors each year and is on many published lists of most popular destinations in the world. Like any travel destination, normal precautions should be used while enjoying your stay.
There are no immunizations required to enter Bali. Any shots you think you may need are at the discretion of you and your physician.
Basic meds are available, but we suggest you bring whatever prescription drugs you may need along with basics, such as ibuprofen, mosquito repellent, Imodium, etc.
The weather on Bali is always hot and tropical. The rainy season is generally between November and April, but rains can come at any time. During rainy season it usually rains during the afternoons. The island is quite green this time of year. During dry season it is hotter and not as green. August is the busiest time of year for tourists, so it can be rather crowded.
The local currency is the Indonesian Rupiah with a current exchange rate of around 12,500/one dollar. You can change money at the airport or nearby our property.
Most smaller businesses do not take credit cards. Villa Paradiso and Golden Buddha Resort does accept credit cards, so all of your meals, tours and activities can be charged to your room. There is a 3% surcharge when using credit cards.
No! Driving on Bali can be extremely challenging even for the experienced traveler. We recommend hiring a car/driver for the day to take you everywhere while you relax. If you do drive, you will need an International Drivers License.
All arrangements for tours and other activities can be made with our staff upon your arrival. They will help you plan everything. Advanced booking is not necessary.
We have a comprehensive PDF of “Bali Insider Tips” which will be provided upon booking your stay with us. A good guidebook is also highly recommended.
The best diving and snorkeling on all of Bali can be had right near our properties — here in Amed. We can arrange these activities for you.
No — drink only bottled water!
The food is locally grown and sourced and is fresh as can be. There are lots of veggies, rice, fish, pork and chicken. Our produce is washed in purified water.
Spirits are very expensive on Bali due to high government taxes. Beer is much cheaper. Each traveler is permitted to bring one bottle of spirits into Bali.
Bali is very casual. Bring light clothing, sandals and walking shoes. Sarongs are required when visiting temples or attending ceremonies.

We suggest $15 to $20/day per couple, which the staff will share equally. The drivers should be tipped separately.

Terimah Kasih! (Thank You!)